Cast iron

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  1. i do the same at goodwill sometimes i find decent stuff.
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  2. Anyone tried sanding down the factory seasoning to get a smoother pan? I’m thinking about trying on a new lodge I got, it’s surface is really rough. Thanks.


  4. That’s funny you mention cast iron cookware. I just drove by Lodge outlet store in Chattanooga yesterday. I love their cookware also.
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  5. Love cooking with cast iron skillet
  6. Good morning to all-

    Cast iron is the only way to go- especially for cooking stuff like blackened fish. You got to get that skillet super-hot to the point that it changes color and goes light grey over the high heat. Do that with any other sort of skillet and it will melt.
    We've got a full range of cast iron skillets for different cooking purposes- and we use them all.

    good day to all- Ed
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  7. Lodge skillets are very good for hunting and camping. I just bought a Blackstone griddle and works so good for cooking multiple items at a time.
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  8. Dutch Oven, use all the time while camping, wife loves the skillets.
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  9. Good morning to all-
    Bear- you are so right- if I only had ONE cast iron cooking implement, it would be the Dutch oven. You can do just about anything with one of those. We use ours constantly for frying, baking, and slow cooking.

    Good day to all- Ed