caught off gaurd..

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by az426, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. hunt trip #2 ...went out to 22 behind saguaro lake and did a late afternoon hunt for a piggy.found some tracks, and a trail that looked somewhat new and used.well it got time to go and as i was walking back to the jeep i came upon a pig,of course the release is in the backpack(somewhere) and i am in the middle of a dirt road(nowhere to hide),so needless to say he got away.but in the words and accent of arnold......i'll be back!
  2. Good deal, keep after em. I sent a reply back to your PM, good luck.

  3. That's the way it always works. I say if you ever break down in the field, miles from nowhere, or haven't seen any game for hours, just drop your drawers to answer the call of nature.
    Sure enough, that's when a bus full of Japanese tourists will drive by or a whole herd of 60-pound pigs will walk past...
    At least that's my personal experience. I wouldn't depend on that in a survival situation.

    Hunt on!
  4. Betcha wear your release until you get in the truck from now on...... :D
  5. yep... and till i get back out on the black top to go home!

    you know what though..i was thinking about how javi's are the most common desert animal i have seen the least.i have seen absolutely way more deer and elk in comparison,but we all know they are there,anyone else have the same thought?
    still havent seen a bear or a mountain lion....