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  1. Sorry for the inconvenience. AZ is switching to a new server right now. Some of you may have noticed a lot of down time lately. We are about to rememdy that problem. Hang tight and you can post but once the transfer starts anything you post after that may diappear into nothing lol

    I will post here when the transfer is complete. :D
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    Server ?????

    Okay,.... Hurry up the weekend is all most here. Plans need to be made. :lol:

  3. We ran into a bit of a problem but I think we are by that now. Late night for me gentlemen, but I think we may be onto a new server soon... bring it on...

  4. Still waiting. Feel free to post but I am not sure where they are in the transfer process. Should have been done by now but is not which leads me to believe they ran into a problem. Last I heard the current server won't let them transfer but they said they are working on it...


  5. OK I feel all alone. Somebody hug me...


    Well, we are not moved but at least we are up on the old server. Time to move now. If you are religious pray like hell. If not, cross your fingers. :shock:
  6. If it still dont work then get a bigger hammer. Thats my phylosophy anyway. And if that dont work then I believe that we can get a little "party" together and go make it happen. Just give me a holler.. :D :D :twisted:
  7. I honestly almost threw my computer out the window about a year back. I keep my office upstairs on the 2nd floor. I had the computer unplugged and everything. Ask my dad, I told him the story. There were only 2 things that stopped me from giving it the ol' heave ho. 1) I couldn't get my damn window open and 2) Where the window is located it could have rolled off the porch roof and onto the sidewalk. I didn't feel like killing anybody....

    Once that thought entered my mind I calmed right down... :lol:
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    Doesn't Barney Franks live somewhere up in that part of the country?
  9. You mean congressman Barney from Mass? :D