Chatroom Is Now Open!!!!

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Desert_Ram, May 27, 2007.

  1. ok the chatroom is now open lets hear how you all feel about G&F closing down the online apps i want your input on this see you there
  2. Cochise

    Cochise Guest

    Sorry, but after about ten minutes of loading. I gave up.

  3. what happen? loading what?
  4. ok where is everyone??? lol :lol2:
  5. now is the time folks to talk about G&F closig the online apps
  6. Cochise

    Cochise Guest

    I went to the chat box. click on it. Up came a white box. It told to click on it to activate. Which I did. Then it started loading, and loading, and so on. It never loaded. I just gave up.
  7. ok click on chat box then you need to make sure your username and password are in there also and hen you want the az room you should go right in you might try again again to see what happens
  8. Cochise

    Cochise Guest

    Where can I locate my username and password?
  9. Dave Price

    Dave Price Moderator Staff Member Mod Premium Member

    I just used my AzHT password
  10. when you go to the bottom of the page here and click on chat it has username thats Cochise and whatever your password is we are in the hunting room so just click enter