Chick Sighting

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  1. Do you know any stats on survival? Predation?
  2. I had to double check the literature I have on the topic, overall mortality is about 40% with juveniles being higher, especially during dry years. Predation is the main cause of mortality and during boom years hunting can account for as much as 30%.

  3. We have 4 covey's around our house, 3 of the four have chicks. We have water troughs and water stations in places where we can see them from the house. The littlest ones are only about the size of their top knot! DR
  4. Mom, dad, and 6 kids set off a door cam today. Wish I could post the video - it is adorable.
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  5. Those are some littles! Look pretty freshly hatched.
  6. The little bundles are cute right now.