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well i wanted to share a cool story that happened on my cow hunt:

i have 3 kids,the oldest is a 10 yr old girl.she is an animal i asked her if she wanted to go sit in a spot with me friday night,then i wouldnt be so bored as well.i was prepping her on the bull's bugle and do not move if anything comes close and so on(also to not freak out if i actually got to shoot at a cow).we were going to sit in a little blind my friend and i had made above a water hole that had just dried up.
well as we approached the water hole i gave her the shh sign and as we walked up to it we watched a doe and small buck walk away(whitetails).i gave her the thumbs up and we went into our lttle hiding spot.well i had my back to the mud spot and was setting my gear and clearing a spot for her to sit behind me and she whispers " daddy look behind you" , so i turn around slowly and there is a 3x3 whitetail walking into the muddy area and he is checking us out and smelling the ground.he stuck around for a good 30 seconds-he was 10-12 yds away at the daughter stayed really quiet and didnt move(proud pappa).after the deer left we talked and i told her that doesnt happen very often and how lucky we were.
well getting close to sundown we heard the sound of an elk walking down into the old water hole,it turned out to be a spike elk,he knew exactly where we were hiding and didnt come down to the mud and soon left-he was a smart one and will probably grow up to be a big one.well a little bit after that a bull was bugleing and coming towards us.i again told her to not be afraid of the bugles and just watch.well he came right down into the mud and stood exactly in the middle of the mud ,he checked us out a few times then just plopped down in the mud and started brushing his head into the mud and then his antlers.every now and then he let out a small bugle and scatched his back with his antlers.he rested there about 3 or 4 minutes-10 yds away.we had front row tickets and just watched.he was an odd elk though- 6 pnts on one side and just one beam on the other-no branches or points.he gave us quite the show-i only wish i didnt forget the camcorder.after he left we called it a night and our legs went numb because he stayed for so long,we went back and i let her tell the story to her mom and bro/ was just great to have a memory we will both remember for hopefully a super long time.

Great story. My best memories of all my hunts are the ones that my children accompanied me on. I will never forget them and I don't think they will either. I am now working on my grandchildren. I'm sure this is one story your daughter will never, ever forget and neither will her dad.
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