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One thing we should probably steer clear of in the forums here is politics. Maybe when it directly affects hunting and fishing in Arizona, we can discuss it - i.e Commissioner appointments, Bills related to our outdoor pastimes, etc.

That being said, one thing I have NO problems with is tributes to soldiers. I cannot think of anything more fundamentally important to us than supporting our troops. American troops, of course, but let's not forget our allies - Brits, Aussies, Canadians, and more.

Many folks don't know that Canadians have been engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan, since the US went in, to fight the war on terror. We have lost 17 soldiers to date, including the first female (combat arms) soldier to be killed in Combat, in Canada. Canada has a small army - 17 is a significant loss. Corporal Boneca died just the other day. He was a reservist. I was a reservist for 13 years. The lady Captain that was killed was in the Royal Canadian Artillery - that was my Regiment. Some days, these things hit a little closer than I would like. RIP Corporal Boneca.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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