Cottontail and Jackrabbit Chili

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  1. grind two jacks and two cottontails

    Brown then like you do ground beef salt and pepper to taste also add hot sauce what ever brand you use

    in a crock-pot or dutch-oven put the meat and jucies
    add pinto beans, chili beans, black beans or your fav beans
    also add diced tomatoes juice and all.
    tomato juice
    tomato paste
    green chilies
    red chili peppers
    add to taste chili powder
    add to taste pepper
    add to taste salt
    add to taste hot sauce

    you can add more of your own stuff let cook in crock-pot all day on low in a dutch-oven on low half a day checking on offten. i made this for a sportsman club meeting and it was gone in no time. enjoy.
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    So what kind of jackrabbit do you prefer, antelope or black-tailed?

  3. ok

    the jackrabbits where blacktail thats all that we have around here. very good eatting