Coues Country

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Desert Rat, May 10, 2007.

  1. Been working in Coues Country all week... Working at a substation near the Biosphere in Oracle. My daily commute has been great! An hour and ten minutes, just like when I go th the office in Phoenix, except it's been a leisurely and beautiful drive along Hwy 79....
  2. Hey rat - I was just out by the 'Copper Hills Estates' this past weekend. See anything noteworthy? I got my Muley in that unit last Nov, but more east and south.

  3. Not related to deer, but I did see something odd. Driving west on Oracle Rd towards the Hwy 79 turnoff, I noticed a herd of cows on the north side of the road. Standing in the middle of one cluster of cows was a coyote. He was amongst 8-10 cows, and neither the yote nor the cows looked like they cared very much. It was kind of weird. He was probably 20 yards or so away from the closest cow.

    I know that typically coyotes don't pursue full grown healthy cows, but on the other hand, I figured the cattle would have put the run to him.... just because
  4. I wonder if one of the cows was getting ready to drop a calf......thats what they do with antelope, wait until it is born and grab it before it can run.
    There is some area behind the Biosphere that used to be great fer deer.