Cougar hunting

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  2. I saw that Vid on TV, That cat was pretty agressive, slapping his front paws together and charging pretty dang close. I would have pooped also like this guy did, And it lasted for a long time before the cat got spooked of by someone else coming down the trail or road nearby. I heard the unedited version, just a couple of BLEEPS, Id been saying the same thing. But I would have had my handgun, would have had a different outcome.

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    That guy crapped himself then kept telling the lion yeah I’m big and scary lol. He could have at least kicked rocks at it, bending down to pick them up could have put him in a bad position, I’m surprised it was aggressive for that long.
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    His savior was that was not a bear with cubs. The lion decided to run him off from the babies. The bear would have ripped his face off without hesitation.
  5. All the big cats I have seen in the wild have been while I was feeding livestock. Livestock scraps bring in rodents, and cats like rodents.
    If I were new in an area I'd be looking for ranchers to get tips on where they have been seen. They have an ulterior motive for helping you out! Check in at feed stores, Tractor supply, or a local cafe that mostly has trucks parked out front. A good tip to a waitress will usually get me a good idea where to start, or who I want to meet! Good Luck. DR
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  6. good advice thanks
  7. Sounds like the waitress is a 'Cougar'!
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  8. Tag that kitty!!