Countdown to Dove Season 2020

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  1. It sure would be nice if those chicken sized whitewings would stick around through the season. We got lots in our neighborhood. right now.
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  2. It is pretty wild how fast they move out of the Valley! The all get sucked down to Yuma on their migration :eek:

  3. Last years big storm sure drove the doves down south quick, We were into thousands of dove opening morn, next morn, Nada, most birds left during night, they were not looking for water the 2nd morn, Puddles all over the place..
  4. With it getting so hot this early in the year, it looks like we might also see the monsoon season start a little earlier. I haven't really paid close attention in the past, but does anyone recall if that affects dove migration? By September 1 there have already been a good number of storms, even in "normal" years, so maybe an early monsoon season won't have too much of an impact...?
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  5. Usually Rains opening weekend of dove season and the birds say adios.
  6. A lot of the birds being hunted during the season are actually migrants from the north. Since the season is pretty short, it is all about a timing. Yeah a storm could blow them all out one day, but then you might have fresh arrivals the next day. And there is a good chance those new birds won't be feeding, drinking and roosting in the same spots as before.

    I could be wrong about all this, but it sounds right at least :D
  7. The National Weather Service hasn’t really given a reliable monsoon forecast for this year yet! Most models are predicting a hotter than average Summer, but that’s all. We are predicted to have a drier than normal June though.

    When I lived in Yuma, lots of the locals would complain about the weather pushing the birds south, but I noticed that food sources play a large role too! There was always good shooting around any standing or fresh cut grain, but these fields seem to be cut earlier now. The game and fish are working with some farmers to leave up grain for the early season. Find food, water, and roost areas and you should be able to intercept the migrating dove!