Covid-19 Round 2

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  1. Christ, I hope this surgery thing is meant to apply to inpatient hospitals and not out patient centers. I am so close, waiting for the referal, to getting out of this pain
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  2. So--again, we result to names....Because I do not believe what our Government and statistics say, I have to be an "idiot"? Got it....we either all have to agree or those that disagree are idiots or worse...

    Here is the issue, as I see it! The Gov. left the effort to the Mayors....the Mayors provided mandatory masks, with a few exceptions. Before the Gov even lets the efforts take affect, he goes back and closes only certain areas. Why? What is the motive? Close all of AZ down if it matters! Limit groups to 1 as the virus,l using the argument, is not counting how many are in a group.

    Wake up---what is the motive? It is not to save people. If it was, then call out the Army and lock us all down...

    BTW--I am so done with all of this. It was supposed to be 2-weeks, we played the game for long has it been?
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  3. Steve - I did not call you an idiot, you are taking this too personally.

    Have you seen the pictures of hordes floating down the Salt River? They are the idiots. This pandemic is going to be with us for awhile continuing to fill our hospitals.
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  4. Few things.
    Currently I am working on several clinical trials related to COVID-19.
    The number of cases in hospitals has increased significantly.
    I know people generally have a distrust in the government and I honestly don't blame them.
    People were not following the guidelines mandated by the local governments.
    CDC shows onset of symptoms is 2-14 days with most showing symptoms within 7.
    Although younger people don't seem to be taking up hospital beds they are aiding in the community spread of this virus. Some steps need to be taken. I think the goal of the new mandates is to help address this specific problem. Everyone knows the virus cannot be stopped from spreading since its already in the community, but the rate at which it is infecting others can be.

    What statistics are you referring to?
    What do you believe the motive is?

    I know tone cannot be read. But this post is not in any particular tone, just commenting. Just curious about other peoples perspectives as I don't believe anything constructive can be learned through "shouting matches".
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  5. How long? However long it takes. For historical reference the Black Death lasted from 1347-1351. Since the beginning man has tried to control nature whether it’s damming a river, putting out a fire or flattening the curve man has persevered but from time to time nature has to put man in his place. So for this man I will do what I believe is help for the health of my family and myself and I think we are in it for the long haul. I will wait. The world of today has zero patience and I am no better which is why I don’t fish. I will wait, because I have to. I will wait because I will not inject myself or my family with a vaccine cooked up in less than a year with a profit motive.
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  6. I'd agree, 5foot, and add "for my community" in addition to "for my family and myself". Each of us may define community a little differently, but most of us probably have other folks we care about. Community might range from a church congregation, our work place, a poker group, a motorcycle club, or our hunting or fishing buddies. Take it a little further and the line might encircle your immediate neighborhood, small town, or big city. All depends I suppose on what value we place on those relationships. Some will choose to do a lot for others, some will choose to focus more narrowly. With this virus hitting all age groups, all neighborhoods, it's taking a fairly collective effort to combat it. There are obvious high risk folks that require even higher levels of protection and care (folks in nursing & assisted living facilities in particular), but the motivation I see as most effective is uniting in actions that have the best odds of slowing this virus down.
  7. I hear you Ricky, I go see my Ortho Knee Specialist this morning in Mesa, His office said the surgi centers will stay open as they dont take Virus Patients at them, only surgery and repairs. Hopefully soon I will figure out knee problems and get fixed so I can walk again with little or NO PAIN.
  8. SteveG, No one called you and Idiot, calm down, its just a word, BUT... If the shoe fits.....Please quit taking words as an insult. An Idiot is an Idiot as an Idiot will do or Say....
  9. Thanks bear, thats a little relaxing to hear. At this point a diminished pain level would be a relief. Its constant 6-8 with spikes that drop me, have fallen down the stairs a couple times. The damaged nerve is constantly firing and it spikes beyond belief at times. I have stopped most recreational things to avoid aggravating the nerve further, i have an assload of things at the house I need to do.
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    (referring to these covid threads...)
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