Coyote hunting w/ holographic or red dot???

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  1. Does anybody have any experience using holographic or red dot optics (ex. EOtech, Aimpoint, ACOG) on their coyote hunts? If so, what is your opinion for hunting purposes?

    I have a EOtech 512 that I am considering putting on my AR (in place of my standard, variable power, scope). I would guess that these 1x optics would be good for up to about 150 yards (with my skill set anyway, probably greater for someone with more proficiency) I also have a 5x magnifier that I could put behind it, but I like how quick on target it is without it, and I also like the fact that I can keep both eyes open.

    So, any experiences / thoughts? :confused:
  2. i to have a sight like that (in the box) i have also wondered the same thoughts are if you can call them in close enough why not?i have never hunted yotes so i really don't know but it seems like it would work pending on how good you are with it.

  3. Tmack has a red dot on his coyote ar. He uses a scope and the red dot. It's a great setup for close and far. I will add one eventually.
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    Vortex has a couple of models. Great warranty, great prices. Most of the reviews I have heard have been good, but Chief wasn't 100% happy with his - I think his dot wasn't bright enough in sunshine (or maybe dark days).
  5. I saw fred eichler's boy hit a dog on tv at like 200 yards with one. I'd say they work at a distance.
  6. I have been looking at the offset mounts that attach to your rail and allow you to mount a red dot at like the 2 o'clock position off the side of your scope. Like this:

    But I have a hogue free float with no rails and my scope takes up most of my flat top rail space. There is room in between my rings for the offset mount but it would then cover the ejection port... Not to mention, my AR is on the heavy side (ok, it's very heavy :roll:) and that seems like alot of weight to add... Thus why I was considering just ditching the scope and using the EOTech.
  7. I have an aimpoint on my Colt LE AR (223) with a 2x magnifier. works great out to about 300 yards on a static target. most of my coyotes i've take have been within 150 yards. that particular gun has taken 3 dogs out of 3 shots with the aimpoint. As for the Vortex, i have one on my DPMS (223) and could not be happier. you have to get the "Bright Red Dot" not the red/green combo as it was too dim in bright sunlight. the new red only is amazing and no questions asked warranty. my main hunting AR Bushmaster Predator runs a S&B red dot 1.1x4 scope. I love the red dots for fast aquistion and i love the fact that when you have to get on them fast, there they are. where i hunt there is no reason for over a 4x scope anyway, and i mostly use the mossy. hook up that eotech and run it, i think you will like it a lot. the Military has been using eotechs and aimpoints for years and have had some pretty impressive yardage kills with them.
  8. I also have an aimpoint (4moa, wish it was a 2moa) and have used it hunting a few times but missed at the only opportunity that I had on a real long moving shot. I have an eotech on another ar and really like the 1 moa dot in the center that can be a bit more precise. Both are great and quick and I use them at my work as well with no problems. Like you said, both eyes open would be a big help. I have a 3-9x40 on my R15 that I use for hunting now but only bring it out on maybe 25% of my stands. I always keep it on 3 power but have the option if I need more.
  9. I use scope and red dot combo on my AR. Love it. It makes it heavy but I'm ok with it. My red dot is on an offset mount on the fore grip. It's a tru-glo and it seems to be holding out to 50 yards. Check my posts. I posted a video and talked about it here. Best of both worlds with a twist of the AR.
  10. I have been thinking about this for awhile. They foregrip on my rifle is already drilled for a short rail at the 1 or 2 oclock position. Im wondering what it would cost to put a cheap red dot on there. The only other thing is I have a harris bipod on it so it doesnt make for good shooting on the fly, hence why I got the scatter gun ready!
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