Coyotes friend or foe to quail?

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  1. On a lot of other boards this topic always comes up and I wanted to see the opinions of hunters specific to AZ. I’ve encountered my fair share of coyotes out in the field and even ran into a few dens.

    I go back and forth about hunting them, but I’m starting to think they control smaller predators that would kill more quail, so I’ve yet to take up arms against them!
  2. Hunting Coyotes is a personal preference I leave them alone but I take no issue with those that do. Even if we compete I prefer the woods with all of Gods creatures.

  3. I’m asking more about the predator prey interactions in the wild and agree people have the right to hunt them if they do choose.
  4. Hunt them up IMO... Coyotes are the biggest and spreading species in all of N.America. Their litters are increasing now up to 15+ pups. Fox populations are also going down because of coyotes.
    Predators are replaced by other predators. Prey will always be prey and controlled one way or another.
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  5. Gotcha, well they are a very adaptable predator so I think they take advantage of anything around and if it's quail then I think they will definitely have an impact.
  6. Foe of quail. It has been documented in areas they can be quite detrimental to quail populations. I believe there has been one study lately where they gave up on introducing Bob white quail species because the coyotes were just destroying them. There just wasn't enough predator hunters in the habitat to balance them out
  7. That is the issue even where we live. Coyote numbers are ever increasing. Re-introductions of bird species are definitely impacted (negatively). It is unlikely you will impact their (coyote) existence because they are so prolific but if you can keep the numbers reasonable, I believe it helps quail especially.
    I also heard that when hunters focused on containing coyote numbers or the coyotes got mange, etc. it was not unusual for the dams to have multiple litters!
    The other issue we are experiencing in Ontario is wild turkey numbers. It is not unusual to see flocks of 50+ scratching once farmers spread manure in the spring. The government was on board for this species because they are self-sustaining = cha-ching! Further to that, they duped hunters into paying for the costs of the re-introduction, which includes me. Duuuh......!
    That said, if you know anything about the gallinus family, they are foragers with a VERY wide spectrum diet which locally includes things like, grains, grasses, frogs, snakes, carrion, feces of other animals, etc. And yet, it was explained to me that they don't ingest grouse or woodcock eggs or chicks. Imagine a flock of 50+ turkeys scratching to survive after a bitter snow/ice ladened winter, selectively dancing around small eggs and chicks. I had no idea turkey had such an educated palate OR were such hardcore conservationists! I learn something every day.
    Between the coyotes and the turkey around here, you had better save up for your bird hunting. The travel $$$$ can be cost prohibitive!
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