Crazy 7 Days of Calling

Discussion in 'Predators & Furbearers' started by Chief, Oct 11, 2006.

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    Left last Thursday AM for 7 days of calling. I knew it was going to be good and that I would probably not have enough ammo for all the predators I was going to slay. Not a shot fired! Called in 4 coyotes, all seen or smelled me before I saw them and when I did see them they were headed over the nearest ridge. Rained every day except yesterday and some of the roads I wanted to go in had been washed out, others had water running in them. Had them howling, yipping and barking at me every day just couldn't get any in. Saw plenty of javelina and mulies and even some illegals, need to have a season on them. Pulled in a little while ago, clean up the trailer and restock it and heading back out in the morning for another 2 or 3 days.
  2. I hope these next couple of days go much better.

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    Chief, I hope you have better luck. Even though you are a man with great skill. I think varmint hunting is interesting in the sense that one is never guaranteed anything. I don't know how many times that I've had days like that. For instance, I made it out one time so far this year. On my second and last stand for the day. The only thing that I called in was a diamond back. I don't know if he came to my call or not. I do know that he wasn't there before I sat down. I learned that jackrabbit distress calls really piss them off. I hate it when they find me before I am able to see them. That and buzzing in your ears is not a good thing, and being 42 and still being able to move pretty darn quick. Sometime this November. We got to plan a trip together.
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    Well we had a little change in plans. Our 8 yr old grand-daughter came by before I left and wanted to know where grandpa was going. She wanted to come along but not to hunt. She is quite the fisherman and she told me that although she has caught plenty of bass, cats and "gills" she has yet to catch a trout. So instead of going calling we went trout fishing, parked the trailer at Roper Lake and drove up to Riggs. Except for three other fishermen we had the lake all to ourself and although her dad was with her when she caught her first bass-gills and cat her grandpa was with her when she caught her first trout and I wouldn't trade that for the best day of calling :D
  5. For somethings words are inconsequential.