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  1. Yer gonna stick with me and put in fer unit 9, right? One of us has to draw this year.
  2. Creed is considering giving up on unit 9 and going somewhere else!! I keep telling him to hang in there and keep at it with unit 9. I personally know LOTS of guys with those same 10 bonus points as he has. I hope someone I know gets that tag soon!! I know that's where I always put in, but I only have 7 points. I have the hot line on a very big bull in another unit so I may be applying there this year.

  3. I'm caving in to the temptation to put in a second choice. I'm looking very seriously at 3A/3C. I'd go with 10 but the ongoing saga with the Boquillas scares me a bit. 8 is a consideration but there is alot of recreationalist there. I saw a ton of good elk in Tule Canyon a few years ago but I'm not a youngster anymore and hunt alone.

    What do you think? I'm tottering really bad right now. I started to apply tonight but decided to take another day to think about it.
  4. Hey Bruce,

    I know some really good areas in 10 that have nothing to do with the Boquillas Ranch. My brother drew that tag a few years ago and we had a blast. Biggest bull we saw was around 370 or so. The bulls out numbered the cows by far.

    Don't give up on 9 though!! haha :lol:
  5. Blake, my problem is the potential overcrowding of areas if they shut the Boquillas down. I hate hunting crowded areas.

    I need to think on it.
  6. Bruce,

    The year my brother hunted up there, the Big Bo was closed to hunting. We encountered a few hunters but none that interrupted our hunting. Only once did we find that another hunter was already hunting the bull we wanted to hunt. We backed off and hunted another bull. All in all, I wouldn't consider it crowded at all. My brother hunted the entire hunt and never had any problems with other hunters.

    Think about it. I still say you should stick with unit 9, but that's just me. It's the best unit in the state if you truly are looking for the biggest bulls alive!!
  7. I lost the battle and put in for elk, 9 -1st, 10- 2nd.

    I'll probably regret it. I'm having serious second thoughts but can't do anything about it now.
  8. Good for you Bruce! Way to stick with it. Sooner or later you will draw that tag and when you are out there hunting those monsters you will thank yourself for not straying. Good luck to you.
  9. Aww Creed...........well, if you draw 10, let me know, I know a spot where nobody hunts. I wont be able to help you on the hunt tho..........I will be in 9...... :D
  10. I know Garth. I wish I could go back and re-do it but I can't. I guess 10 is a decent consolation prize but with my luck I won't draw it either.

    I'll need some direction if I draw it. I want nobody's spot but I hate the crowds. I'll hunt an area with fewer animals if there are less people to contend with.

    9 is an awesome unit and I hope you draw it. I guess one good thing for me is that the rest of my family will apply unit 9 general. If I can ever blow this bunch of BP's I may even take a shot at it.