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  1. I have been thinking of getting a crossbow for urban yote hunting in phoenix (bow hunting in phoenix is legal)

    just curious though.. does anyone know if the definition of bow and crossbow are skewed per phoenix laws?

    Why does az require crossbows to be 125 pound draw where the min bow wt is 45 pounds.....why the huge difference??

  2. Don't know about Phoenix but AZ Game & Fish considers a crossbow to be catagorized with a rifle. You can't use a crossbow during archery season unless you're handycapped and then you need a special permit.

  3. Cross bows shoot bolts that are much lighter then most arrows. So they require more oomph to get the kenetic energy required down range. And even with the increased poundage most cross bowsstill cannot carry enough KE past 40-50 yards to shoot mechanicals past that. Where as my primary bow is pulling 82 lbs. and carries enough ke down range that if I wanted to I could shoot them out to 170 yards if I remember correctly. Well past what I can shoot, but my arrows carry over 50lbs of energy at that range. Most cross bows wont even shoot that far. I hope this helps.

    AS for the rules I have no idea, But I believe Phoenix is a "m" area which means its archery only and as stated above Crossbows are only allowed in an archery season if you are handicapped and have a Doctor signed release for that.
  4. I didnt know that about the lighter bolt KE issue, thanks... its true you need a special permit to hunt with a crossbow in archery season, but anyone can use a crossbow during rifle season, and with yotes being huntable all year round (hence no specified weopon season) I woud think I can hunt them with crossbow anytime...

    problem now is finding out what "phoenix" thinks about crossbows in city limits
  5. True but if Phoenix has it limited to archery, a crossbow doesn't classify as archery.
  6. Take a look at the regs. It has a lot of info there on what is legal. It is also a bit confusing but it does look like you may be able to use a crossbow legally to take coyotes. I am not sure enough about it to go out and try it though.
    There are several references to other rules with exceptions on what constitutes legal weapons.
    Maybe the surest way is to contact G&F and ask them.
  7. I too just checked the regs. According to R12-4-304 (D), it is legal to take predatory animals with a crossbow; however, there's nothing that I found regarding hunting in the city limits of Phoenix. I would make sure through the G&F dept and maybe even law enforcement whether it's legal. It would suck to get a ticket over a coyote.
  8. If you can afford it.. Very cool idea, but yikes on the price.
  9. In attempt to debunk the largely misinformed internet (which is spreading lies about crossbows being limited to only handicapped individuals in Arizona) I'm re posting my proof strait from AZGF That crossbows are in fact a legal form of take in Arizona!!!

    You don't have to be disabled to legally use a crossbow!!!! I called Arizona game and fish personally to confirm I can use a crossbow for big game, small game, and snakes (not sure of other reptiles). Big game and the seasons are a little more complicated though. Big Game mostly requires a draw weight of 125 pound. However, some exceptions exist. The proof is below read carefully about big game. Its scattered all over the document by animal have fun!! Points of interest start on pg. 94 Section A Paragraph 7 Letter A / Section A Paragraph 8 Letter A and so forth (Ctr + F crossbow is your friend here).


    I talked to the lead Game and fish investigator and he confirmed. Yes there is a crossbow application only for disabled people. However, this license only applies to using a crossbow during Archery only season. Hence this permit allows a disabled person to use a crossbow in archery (bow) only season, and also allows a bow assisting device, to accommodate their disability. That makes more sense than only disabled people being skilled enough to be the only ones to use a crossbow.

    Proof application itself:

    Furthermore, you can find the "legal methods of take list" on the same site in the 2016-2017 Arizona Hunting Regulations PDF Page 108.


    Crossbows are listed as allowed for a lot of things (big and small game). You must be careful of the season and species though, because sometimes they are not allowed. Basically no bison hunting or using a crossbow in archery only season, and again reptile’s I’m not sure of, but I got confirmation on snakes.

    Also a tag is most likely required for big game, as well as a hunting license for any hunting anywhere in Arizona.

    I would like to know the answer to target practice though. A sheriff stopped by and told me my practicing could be classified as "endangerment". I said we already finished hours ago and no one got hurt so can you really charge me for that? He said don't do it and left. Is he full of it?