DAN new bow pixs shooting

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  1. well here they are some pixs of me shooting my new bow yes i went in today and did it i was so happy to get that bow in my hands i cant beleive how it feels and how much easy it is to pull back my god lol well enjoy the pixs here you go dan. lol you can say i'm buying my own B-Day gift lmao now in two weeks it will be paid for and in my hands lmao for good!!! :) big smile on my face now.

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  2. loks great, but what is this left handed stuff??????? Hehehe

  3. Hey I am a lefty.

    Nice bicepts Desert Ram ;)
  4. Chief

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    Nice pictures, how about a shot of the target - with all the arrows in the 10X.
  5. AZ~ThunderDan

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    Marsha, thanks for finally posting your pics.

    I'm with Garth, I didn't know you were a lefty either. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter which hand you shoot with - as long as you're comfortable.

    Keep practicing, cuz the next pictures we see of you and your bow should be of you posing with your first big-game harvest.
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    Great pictures. Nice bow. I think I'll be looking at a new Bow myself. I can get some Big game Tags. LOL.
  7. your welcome yes i am left handed i am right handed but left eye so they had me start shooting left handed. i love my new bow i cant wait till i go out hunting with it next week at work we are having pixs done so i am having some takin with my bow i'll be all deck out in my cowgirl out fit so i'll post those also.
  8. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha
    that sure looks like a great bow. ;)
    sorry i couldn't help myself.
    But seriosly, when it come time for archery season i know of a few good areas up there that you could spend some time and maybe even stick a deer.
    Cant wait to see those pics.
  9. Its ok cgmartin like i have never heard that one before LMAO :p
    its a great bow i am so happy with it with my old bow i had to aim for the sky to pull it cause it was only 60% let off this one i dont have to do that.
    that would be great if you could PM me the areas up here and i can stick my deer and post the pixs on here for you all.