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    Wife and I packed a lunch and took off yesterday looking for new places to call. Boy was I suprised by the vast amount of acerage that is now closed to hunting, either through development or just plain posted "NO HUNTING". We started out here in Hereford, went South on 92 and then north on 191 thru Double Adobe, McNeal, Elfrida and Sunazona. Went into the Chiricahua National Monuments found a nice place and had lunch. Continued north through Dos Cabezas and Wilcox onto I-10, then south to Cochise, Sunsites and Pearce got on Middlemarch Road and came across into Tombstone and headed home. The natural beauty of Arizona will never cease to amaze me but there are many places now being scared by developement.
  2. Isn't that the truth...I was at Ft. Huachuca on TDY back in the late 80's. Sierra Vista wasn't near the size it is now.
    I thought back then that the area was amazing...wish I would have had the brains to buy property then.

    Development is occurring seemingly everywhere. I was amazed at the growth of the Flagstaff area on my way to unit 8, and further amazed when I came home on 89 and 89A enroute to I17. Prescott is huge and all the towns along 89 seem to be growing as well.
    The Queen Creek area has exploded as well. All my old dove and varmint spots are now houses (Johnson Ranch and surrounding communities). Sure is sad, but we're all part of the problem. One thing I can't understand is the people moving from a subdevelopment closer in town to another subdevelopment further out? What's the point? Houses are just as close if not closer to each other.

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    You missed my place by about 400 yards. I miss the good ole days. When a person could hunt just about anywhere they wanted around here. It seems that it gets harder every year to maintain access to my hunting areas. I do know of an area that you might be interested in. It's one of my favorites. There's some of the best coyotes around. Considering that you like a challenge. Seeing how I respect you as a hunter and a person. I would be more than happy to share this area with you. There's room for both of us, and with you being around. It could only improve on the quality of the area. I don't hunt this area very hard. Maybe two to three times a year. There's two large male coyotes that have been giving me fits for the past two years. They run together and have proven time and again how much smarter they are than me. One of these days they will make an mistake. In a way I hope that they don't. I would very much like to beat them at thier own game. There's been times that I could of took them with long shots. But nope. I want them up close. I want them to know, and me also to know that I outwitted them at least once. Before I share this area with you. I want one more try at them. I love varmint hunting! I'm sorry. Didn't mean to get carried away. I love the challenge of an wise ole male coyote anytime. I remember when I first started hunting coyotes. A coyote was a coyote. Over the years they have taught me so much. They have made me a better hunter and a person. I've enjoyed and will continue to enjoy every minute that I have and will spend amongst them. Well, anyway I hope you enjoyed your trip. Bye for now and I wish you and everybody the best of luck.
  4. Chief,

    Nary a critter was seen upon my return trip the other day. I went all the way around. Started on Charleston and worked my way back home from there. Glad you made the short trip on the first go. And like Cochise you passed my house by about as much on your way through. ( should have stopped by and got your pole). I still have not had the time to look close at my schedule. I will give you a holler on probably Sat. as that is my next day off.

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    Thought about both you guys as we drove through your respective areas. Looking forward to future hunts with all on this site. But we had better hurry, don't know how much longer these old legs will hold out, not to mention that the hand to eye coordination isn't what it use to be. :crutch: