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  1. We have decals almost ready for U.S. Hunting Today. They should be done this week. But here is what they will look like. I think this would look nice on every pickup truck across North America don't you? :wink:

  2. Uh...........hate to bust yer bubble, but eastern whitetails dont go over real big here..............elk or a big ol' NT muley is the way to go.

  3. Yeah we had this discussion before we decided to do decals and we had to represent all of North America so we went with Whitetails instead.

    We had some people vote in an elk and some voted in a moose but we felt the whitetail represented a wider range of people. Sorry if you aren't fond of the whitetail. We hope to someday do specific decals for each state. :D Then each state could get an animal that represents their area.
  4. It's not that I'm not fond of whitetails, it justb isnt popular here.......and they cant really pass as Coues either.
    Well, can you make a special sticker fer Rat....with a javelina on it?
  5. hay there pard! THEE most popular game animal among the real hunters in AZ is the whitetail. :lol: LOL

    Now that is a real nice Coues on the sticker. Is your pic the actual size of the sticker?
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    So how do we go about buying one?
  7. The actual sticker is only 4 inches in diameter. The picture is blown up a little bit.

    Chief, we aren't sure yet on what the price will be or how we are going to distribute them. I heard somewhere through the grapevine that the first 1,000 will be promos and handed out free to members as long as they place it on their truck. :wink:
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    I've never hunted a white tail. Maybe they should have gone with some type of crossed rifle and shotgun set up. Hey wait, everybody hunts rabbits dont they?
  9. Jeez chief.....thats quite the bod on that woman you got there! Like the walk too. You really shouldn't post pics of the wife though,. She might get kinda riled! :wink: