December Hunt

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Chief, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Chief

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    So who has a Dec tag, anybody hunting 35a?
  2. I wish,

    The closest thing I have is the old archery tag. Going to take my Brother in law out tomorrow for mulies. Then I go back on shift. so Dont know if I will get to chase coues this Dec or not. But its definately not for the lack of want. I still at some point need to stick an arrow in one of those little beasts. My mulies on the wall need a little companion. LOL And I already have the arrow picked out. LOL

  3. Chief

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    Has ANYONE here taken a December buck yet?
  4. I havent even released an arrow as of yet. Havent foudn anything with antlers to release an arrow at. Seeing loads and loads of does but no bucks as of yet. And starting to run out of time. Down to 3 hunting days for me including today. LOL.. and here I sit ... Having a blast with the kids while they try to break everything they just got for Christmas. I think its a fair trade. I might get out this afternoon.

    Chief, Seeing any rutting behavior up your way yet? Does are still running solo down here.

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    As I type this there are three does in the backyard and four in the front field - not a buck in sight. Went up the "hill" yesterday and saw two bucks running together, they are either gay or the rut has not started. I would bet the rut hasn't started.

    You need to make time on your calender to get up here. There is a definite P&Y on the hill.
  6. Chief,

    let me check with the boss lady. Possibly Friday after I get off of work, I might be able to come up for the day. If not Friday then possibly again on the 31st. I will ask tonight and get back to you either tonight or tomorrow sometime.

    Thanks for the invite. with any luck I might remember to bring your fishing pole. lol

  7. Chief,

    Sent you a PM .

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    Not Received.
  9. I really hate computers sometimes.

    Chief, How about tomorrow ( Fri). Should be up your way about 1030hrs or so. Depends on how our night goes here at work. I will give you a call in the AM on my way home to confirm. With all the snow in the area, if it dosent turn to rain in your part of the country should be great for tracking... I will talk to you in the Am if I can catch you at home.

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    We are socked in pretty good down here, snowed early evening and then must of turned to rain late night. BIG patches of ice and very limited visiblity on the mountain, no snow down low and can't see far enough up the mountain to determine the snow line, if any.