Deer, other large Game, Turkey success draw thread:

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by bearfoot1, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Drew my first choice, 3A3C my buddy and I are going mule deer hunting
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  2. LOL... That was my first choice also, You Lucky Dog, Shoot a BIG BOY. Good Unit !!!

  3. Will try my best sir
  4. Well better late than never - I drew 36B coues, unit 1 turkey. First time ever turkey hunt. Also in October is my 1st elk hunt (unit 27). Gonna be busy this Fall.
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  5. Early November Mule deer tag in Unit 22 for me. Had fun in that unit last year.
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  6. that’s the tag my group was trying to draw. Good luck out there.
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  7. Ended up with a 5BS turkey tag
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  8. khmer is going to be turkey hunting during squirrel camp like I did last year. Congrats on the tag, first year I have not drawn in 5 years, LOL.... showed to many people where to go last year.
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  9. Bearfoot1, you are probably correct about showing your squirrel/turkey honey hole. I expect to be hunting both at squirrel camp this year.

    Now that I grow up and think about that a little more, I won’t be doing that again. My apologies.
  10. I've been putting in for 6a/5bs on and off. I just never had much time to commit to turkey hunting. But with work, travel and everything closed glad i got drawn this year of all years lol
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