Deer roast

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  1. I shot a young elk once and would do it again in a heart beat. The BEST.
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  2. Pressure Cooker! sear in skillet, put in Instant Pot for 6 minutes with some onions, GSP, natural release..........NOM, NOM!!
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  3. If you want a different spin to try with your roasts. I HIGHLY recommend Birria Tacos. Look up the recipe on You tube, and just substitute it with Vension. Its the best way to enjoy Deer roasts IMO. If you are a fan of Mexican food, and don't mind spice. This is where its at. I use my Elk, Bear and Coues meat, and its stupid good
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  4. If you do want to do an actual roast, I like to use my roasting oven that I have a few of for turkeys. Cooks fast and easy to clean up. I love steaks, so most of the time everything gets sliced into steak size meals LOL
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    I have recently discovered a recipe for birria tacos that looks amazing, I haven’t tried it yet but would like to, just to see if it needs tweaking before I commit my precious venison to it.
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  6. We Get Birria Tacos at one of the local joints, Oh so Good, and the dipping sauce that comes with it is so good, I believe a consumma.
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  7. Yes! The first time I tried it, I used Elk and Bear roasts, and we were shocked! It actually it is simple, but we have tweeked it a bit
  8. Birria is all over Yuma! if i tried every one i'd weigh 500 pounds in a couple weeks! Soo good!
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