diamond edge bow ?

Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by Desert_Ram, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Hey, Guys

    Have a question for you all i am thinking about getting a new bow i really like the diamond edge bow cause i have a short draw. what are your thoughts on this bow? any info and help would be great. plus i like the bowtech brands and diamond is one of there brand. thanks
  2. Wish I could help buy dont know anything about them, was a Mathews guy, now a Hoyt shooter. Good luck in your search.


  3. thanks

    oh ok thanks they are great bows also i tryed the edge and loved it just looking for info now :D i'm shooting a alpine mrico now
  4. Desert Ram,

    You already figured it out. If you like it then thats the one for you. With todays name brands all but being the same ( i know there are several differences if you really look) quality. Its boils down to the ones that feels good in your hands and that you like.

    I happen to shoot Hoyt and Martin. I think Bowtec has some awesome equipment, It just doesnt feel right in my hands. Cant explain it any better then that. I dont like the way they feel. Same with Matthews. Just dont like the feel.

    Go with what feels good. But give your self the benefit of the doubt and shoot everything you can get your hands on before choosing. Hit every shop in your area and surrounding, and shoot everything you can get them to set up for you. Which most reputable shops will do. And shoot them all. Find the ones that feels the best, and go from there. If your lucky the price tag wont come into play until then. If thats a problem then ask them to shoot everything in your price range.

    Good luck. And good shooting.

  5. yeah


    i have checked out the other ones i like them but it just didnt seem to fit me and this diamond edge does. it fits my hand and it just feels right i think i will stick with that one thanks for the help. as for price no thats not to much of an issue the shop we deal with has layaway plans lol :D so that would work and we only have the one shop in our town. but they are very good about letting you try what you want. in the shop. i'll keep you all updated on it :D