Did you get your license?

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  1. This is the third time this has happened to me. I put in for Spring Javelina, get drawn, receive the tag, but no license. Each time, I have to pay for a duplicate. This is getting old.:frusty:
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    I assume you applied for your license when you applied for the spring draw and that you submitted payment for both? If so, did you call G&F and ask why they've only mailed your tag, but not your license? Perhaps they go out in different mailings, and from different departments? Not making excuses, just saying.

  3. I understand what you're asking. I usually give them a few weeks after I receive my tag to call them to allow adequate time for them to send it, but it's always the same story. We're sorry, that'll be $4 thank you.
  4. Hope this isn't illegal or anything, but just in case it is... I might know a guy who scans his license onto the computer right after he prints it out so that if he loses it he can just print a new copy or keep multiple copies in trucks, gear bags, ect. Helps to avoid needing a duplicate or not having it when you need it.
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    Well, OK, but I'm not understanding the $4 fee?? I understand that's the cost for issuing a duplicate license, but if you purchased a license through the draw process with G&F and never received it, they can't legally charge you for a duplicate license, which is only supposed to be issued to replace a lost/stolen license. G&F has a legal duty and obligation to provide you with your license.
  6. I agree Dan, but we have to keep in mind who we're talking about. I'm surprised G&F doesn't have a coin slot just to enter their office buildings. Kind of like those old toilet stalls. Everything costs with them EXCEPT for the envelopes to mail money in. They are generous with those.

    This will be interesting. Please keep us posted on how this turns out.
  7. They do go out seperate mailings. The licenses usually arrive first. AS for not getting it, I would raise a fit about it. Especially if its a recurring problem.
  8. I'll try again this year to plead my case. They (the folks at our local office) say they're not the ones who mail them out, so they're not responsible. Kind of like they're hands are tied. They probably think I lost it or something.
  9. I've heard if such issues. If you have an office close by just go in and buy a license before you put in. That's the way I've been doing it for a few years. I also buy an archery deer and lion tag before the spring draw.
  10. I bought my 2012 license during the spring application process and they wanted me to print it out and that there would be no mailed license. I only had 10 days to do it. Do you remember if that was your case too?