Did you get your license?

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  1. Yeah, it is but it also proves that if everything else fail, read the instructions. Your are supposed to print your license and if you fail to do that, don't save it as a PDF and then call G&F and bit-- that you failed to get your license you should be charge for a duplicate. Everything costs money these days, for everyone, including G&F so if you keep taking up their time plan on paying for it. Time is money!
  2. Wow someone found this thread from the depths of the earth lol.
    But I always buy my license online now. It lets you save the pdf file to hit computer and I print out two. One for my wallet and a second in my truck that will be anjust in case something happens to my wallet while out
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  3. Yep, makes it super convenient then after it’s signed I laminate mine so it’s protected from the elements and won’t rip... I’m still able to add stamps and stickers and sign where needed.. Like fern said, make a few copies and have that piece of mind
  4. Love getting mine online as well--1 for my wallet, one for my truck, one for my pack and an extra just in case ;-)
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  5. I do 3 copies like said above and I keep a picture on my phone also.
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  6. The process has come a long way since I started this post 7 years ago.
  7. One good thing about turning 70 is a Pioneer License.