Dodge ram 2500 5.9 Diesel turbo?

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  1. Towing heavy loads? Want to hunt/off road?
  2. Im considering a toy hauler in the near future. I do like to collect old cars and will like something that can also tow dual axle trailer interstate if necessary. Right now i picked up a 94 4runner with a 2.4 4x4. Working good for now but sounds like i should steer for a 6.7 dodge. Been asking people when i see them around and they do agree the 6.7 has some serious power.

  3. When it comes to Cummins trucks that is sort of irrelevant. You pick your:

    -cab and bed configuration
    -miles you’re willing to live with

    ..then buy the truck that meets your criteria. If it “needs more power” those issues can be addressed easily and inexpensively with tuning which you should be doing anyway for drive ability and economy at a minimum. Ive got a low budget rock solid 05 5.9 that will put the hurt on any stock 6.7 right now, and look good doing it.