Don't Forget About The Main Site!

Discussion in 'Welcome & Orientation' started by Desert Rat, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. OK - You guys have practiced in here long enough! Don't forget that we need content for the main site, which, incidentally - will help draw new folks in here. I know some of you are great writers, and I know some of you have some doubts of your abilities. Write it down in word, and send it to me - that's what editors are for!

    Photos, tips, humor, stories, how-to, whatever you want. You may want to look at some of our "sister" sites, to gather ideas.

    If you know guys/gals who are involved with conservation groups, AES, ADA, etc. - let them know we'll post their announcements here, on the main site, and on my blog too.

    Ideas are always welcome, for any of the sites.