Dove recipes

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  1. With dove opener this coming week what’s everyone go to recipes for dove?
    I have done them with cream of mushroom in crockpot over rice with peas or other veggies
  2. Breasts laid open, close them around a piece of pepper jack and either jalepeno or banana pepper, wrap with a piece of thick peppered bacon hold together with a toothpick and fry in a skillet or grill. When the bacon is done the dove is done. Drop some mango salsa on a plate with some rice over it top with the dove skewers and thank me later
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  3. Taking mine to Idaho on Salmon trip, jalapeno, slice of bacon wrapped, on grill with salmon fillets.
  4. I posted this before, but Hank Shaw’s Dateland Popper Recipe is a great changeup to the standard popper. Several of my non hunting friends enjoy them as does my partner and she is picky as hell!

    I prefer to use halved Medjool dates instead of honey dates and add some sliced jalapeños for a little extra kick. Oddly, I tried it with honey dates and it was too sweet for me. Also, works great on blue wing teal, which has a similar taste as dove!

  5. Buster those look amaze balls. Going to have to bookmark that recipe
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  6. Fern, most of the dove balls i find are too small? those must be hybrids! Actually the recipe sounds great, but i HATE dates! may try w/o the dates. i prefer deep fried, but imma do poppers again, got burnt out for a long time on them
  7. Traditional poppers for opening day lunch. Beautiful morning with some great company!
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  8. Spicy Thai dove nuggets with white rice. Delicious!!
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