Dove Recipes ????

Discussion in 'The Chuck Wagon' started by TallPaul, Aug 5, 2006.

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    I am looking for a good Dove recipe(Chief - hint) I Dove hunt as much as I can just about every weekend and I always go out Openning Day. I just cook them on the grill, either mariated or I wrap one piece of Bacon around it and call it good. ( Chief - hint hint) If any one has any recipe for Dove I will be trying them.
    Less than a Month away until OPENING DAY. I am ready. :beer:
  2. Along with wrapping in bacon, stick a jalapeno slice and an oyster under the bacon wrap.

    Make a small batch of Chorizo with them. One of the guys from a different board that took my sausage class last year, Tompaz, said he made some up and it was wonderful. Only problem was he wished he had more birds to make a bigger batch.

    Cook in a pressure cooker with orange juice. My wife does this with quail and loves it, figured it ought to be good with dove.

    Slice the breasts and cook with peppers & onions and make fajita's. Not going to be able to feed a bunch of folks but two can get a real feast.

    These are a few off the top of my head. If I run into any others I will share.

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    Thanks AzSlim. I will try some of this in the up coming Season.
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    Paul I'll post one or two later today. Dove are good just about anyway you do them, seems that the way most people do them are wrapped in bacon variations. I have a few recipes that are not done that way. However you gotta keep in mind that these are old secret family recipes and are not to be told to anyone.
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    I won't tell anyone. :lol:

    I know there are other ways to cook Dove. I still cook them with the bacon. I tried to make a stew, and it was okay, But heck chief you have these wonderful recipes that make my mouth water just reading them.
    3 more weeks. I am counting down the Days. :D