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is less than 5 months away. Normally by now our back yard is full of dove and there would be several nest on our property. As of this morning we have only seen two pair of mourning dove, no whitewings and no nest. How about the rest of you guys, seeing as many as years past?

On a brighter note the gambels and scalies are overtaking our property and have even started to pair up. We are also overrun with cottontails.

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The dove activity has really picked up here the last few weeks. Been seeing lots of them passing through on their way to the LC river.

Lot's of Eurasians too, and they've sure been vocal. There's been a big fat one that's been sitting on a nearby utility pole.

He's sure been "Oot-oot'in" with the girls every morning. Makes it hard to sleep with him singin' away.

Last year, I saw good numbers of quail on my property, but it wasn't until September that I saw them.

I'm predicting a decent year for both dove and quail up here.
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