Gentlemen, I have not been active here for a long time, I am loving the newest look.

I am hoping to sell these as one big lot but can separate decoys and silhouettes if needed. I posted on Craigslist also but would prefer to sell to a fellow member for a more reasonable price.

Greenhead brand mallards - $40 (10 Total used one trip)

Redhead teals - $60 (6 brand new 6 used one season)

older used mallards/painted black - $20 (8 total, three painted black)

Dive Bomb Industries Snow Goose Silhouettes - $80 (24 brand new in box)

Christmas bills have hit me a little harder than I expected this year and work slowed a little more than Id like. I am willing to work on the price for a fellow member maybe trade for a couple good quail spots, lol.

Shoot me a text (i probably wont check back here for a week)
Nick - 602989032one
I am near 24th street and indian school - pick up only.

CL AD for photos: (If this is allowed)