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  1. I think a neat recruiting tool would be to welcome e-scouters over here - yes, I'm serious. Granted, I wouldn't, nor do I expect anyone to give up specific locations. That being said - guys get hammered bad on some of the other sites, just for asking questions. What a great way to recruit new people to the sport - slam em for being interested :roll:

    If we were doing anything other than hunting, would we be so hard on people who ask questions?

    Just thinking out loud here - the boards will be swamped after the results are officially out. I'd like to become known as the helpful board.

  2. I never was one to jump on e-scouters, I know how things can arise that blow up plans. I have recieve e-help myself a time or two. But I will never post specifics, just a general area if I respond to a request. I got burnt by some Cal guys on Azod a few years ago and that will never happen again.

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    I do not mind helping anyone out with e-scouting myself. Heck, if I have the time I will show them if that is possible. ( I am not a guide- Guides don't bash me on this one) I wanted to know some e-hunting before, not what time of day the deer would be walking down his trail- just general area. No one would help me out. I am willing to do my scouting, just wanted to get somewhat close. I am a novice when it comes to hunting in Arizona , but know a little about other things. SoI am all for helping .
  4. Wait till the draw is posted and then the e-scouting really starts up. Folks get downright ignorant responding to some of these guys. Then again, some of the guys want things handed to them on a silver platter. You'd figure that if they were putting in from out-of-state they might budget a little to come down 3 or 4 days before the season and scout themselves some, maybe buy some maps, something along those lines. You will also find folks that live in the state and won't make time to scout.

    Anyway, what I suggest is if you don't want to help an e-scouter then don't respond to the post. Don't slam them - the old adage from your mother - 'if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.'
  5. I dont mind helping people out, I wont tell them right where to go, at least not a complete stranger. I'd sit one of my friends right in my best spot if I thought they would have a quality experience. On a handful of occasions I have even drug my butt out and helped glass. This year I will be hunting in an area that I dont have a lot of experience in but I will make it work. If I cant seem to put it together on my own then I'll ask my friends.
  6. See? You guys get it... Heck, half the population goes to the internet these days, when they want to figure something out. I do it all the time. I think when people come on and ask questions, people like us can help make them better hunters, and help strengthen our sport. If they truly don't realize it, we can make them understand that it is not appropriate to ask for specific information. We can however, demonstrate that hunters are a community that likes to help out. With our advice and guidance, we can help them make their hunts more enjoyable. This makes us stronger as a whole, in the end..
  7. I'm glad to see everyone's fresh attitude towards this subject, and I agree that helping fellow sportsmen out is a good thing. Problem is, I probably won't be of too much help, but I'll do my best to point people to the general area of where I've had success in the past. Looks like we may have a good group of folks here - thanks for the site!
  8. I totally agree with you guy's. I am more than happy to help or give info to fellow hunters. I't nice knowing we won't get slammed in this forum.
  9. 5 years ago, I drew a very hard to get antelope tag where there is a lot of private property. The following weekend I was in the unit scouting, and knocking on doors.
    One ranch owner's initial response to me asking for permission to hunt his land was to find somewhere else to hunt. The next weekend, I approached and asked him again for permission. He finally said to check with him before the season opened. The next weekend found me on his doorstep asking again, and I got the same reply. I told him the hunt opened the next Friday and that I would do what it took to hunt on his land.
    He looked at me and said that he thought it was good that I bothered him so much and he believed that the pre season scouting was as much a part of the hunt as the actual hunting was. The he said, you can hunt on my land but, if you see anyone else hunting there, tell them they have to get out".
    I drew the tag for this unit again this year and immediately called the rancher, and he said he was happy to see that I drew it again and that he would tell anyone else that he is full so i will have it to myself.

    I guess I am the bad apple here........I understand and dont mind if someone asks the question,"where do I start".
    But, an example, on another site someone said they drew a unit 9 archery tag after 12 years of applying and doesnt know where to start.
    In the period of 10 years, they had no elk tag and had plenty of time to scout during the rut if they wanted that hunt so much. I feel that my spending money on gas, food, and the thousands of hours of my time gives me the right to refuse to give info to people that are only motivated to scout when they actually have a tag. Why should they benefit of everyone's knowledge without it costing them a dime?
    I spend hours looking at maps, entering coordinates into the GPS, then going to the area and checking to see if it has the potential for a good hunt. More times than not, for whatever reason, I abandon the particular spots I originally thought would be good. Then it is time to spend more time looking for good areas.
    I do and will give people general information, but they also have the option of going to azgfd.com and getting info on the hunt unit and species of their choice. There is also huntscout.com if they want specific information, but that does cost money.
    I also will give info to non residents before residents, beacause they are limited on the scouting they can do by their geographic location.
    Sorry, if I dont agree.........