Eberlestock backpack recommendations

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  1. Hello group, I'm looking to pick up a new pack, looking at the Eberlestock team elk model. Anyone have one or knows some one who does. Any info would be great thanks
  2. I have run the Eberlestock X2 for many hunts and day trips and I have had zero issues it has been a great product. I have not used it for an elk hunt but i would probably hunt from a camp so a huge pack is not something that would be of great concern for me.

  3. Sorry I run the Eberlestock blue widow exclusively for everything and it has been a great all around pack for day hunts to multiple overnight backpack hunts.
  4. I pulled the trigger on the team elk, I helped my buddy friend last season on a elk hunt and has some sort of business and he gave me a smoking deal. I paid $170 shipped and will be delivered next Wednesday. Only catch is I can't pick the camo pattern.
  5. That is a smokin deal, I guess let us know what you get from the grab bag. Mine isn't camo just desert brown actually just realized it's in my profile pic :)
  6. Im only getting a pack and a rain fly, so I think I made out for what I paid. Goes to show you help someone out and they repay the favor. Pretty cool, and I wasn't expecting anything in return. I will post a picture of it
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  7. rsz_20180518_093110.jpg

    I got my new pack in, and it's in the western slope camo pattern and a rain cover. Pretty nice pack
  8. Eberlestock makes good stuff and I've been using one of their packs for a long time. You got a good deal. Unfortunately the warranty they claim isn't all it's cracked up to be so go easy on your zippers and clips.
  9. Nice pack now load it up and get out there!! Lol