Elections fraud... how possible is it?

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  1. Bear this is the topic of the post!!! Hahaha. As long as everyone remains civil i always enjoy a good read

  2. Keep in mind, it's still being decided by the people who are responsible for the fraud in the first place. Once it gets into federal court, the stories will change. You don't really expect Katie Hobbs to step up and say "Yes we cheated. We sent Democratic Operatives into nursing homes to help comatose patients and those with Alzheimer's vote for Joe Biden." Of course they haven't seen evidence of fraud because they are the ones committing it.
  3. Aw Bear, I've been waiting for some interesting reading and now you go and hose it down. One political thread, non personal, non combative and entertaining. I enjoyed it so far. I just use a lot of salt.
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  4. The guy was fired for telling the truth! This is what fascist dictators do :(
  5. Now on to a different subject, HAHA, see I can Ignore Political BS, Its SteveGs Fault. Anyway the pic, The table, Great Idea, Bucket full of concrete, an upright table and post, Move it around as needed, not always in the way, I can do that. Now what I cant do is,,,, shot a deer like that. :D
  6. I take full responsibility for not starting the discussion...see...another that does not check facts first and blames the innocent.....lol

    I am always the stand buyer getting blamed.....lol
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  7. I’m still waiting for the evidence that COVID is a hoax
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  8. Fortunately that's not how it works. If they can get rid of Biden then Harris would become president and Harris gets to pick her VP. Speaker only ascends in the extremely rare event that something were to happen to both the President and the VP at the same time.

    Case in point look back at JFK. his VP LBJ became president then chose Hubert Humphrey who was a senator to be his VP. The then speaker of the house was John McCormack who didn't become VP.