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  1. I don't choose my own hunts my calendar chooses them for me so this year I am targeting 22N Cow Hunt Oct 19-25. Mostly because I know the area a little and although there are a lot of tags there is room to spread out. Considering up north as well for 2-5 any thoughts?
  2. Your calendar??? Does it pick randomly or is there a specificity to the units selected.. weather, migration, past hunt success??

  3. I wish it had something to do with hunting but its between my work and personal calendars. I have to be in my office at month end, my Son's birthday in October, my kids are little so Halloween is a no go and as a compromise for my year round hunting adventures I don't hunt in December. So Elk is tough, Deer is a bit easier and calendar wise Spring is best for me which is why I am all about the Thunder Chicken!
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  4. Eventually the kids grow up and leave the nest, work slows down, we slow down. If you need help on a draw if successful, Ill give you the best info I can for the area drawn. I got no problem sharing even if Im hunting the same unit. I wish everyone could get drawn, but if that happened there would be no elk. Did you get a tag for Thunder Chicken ? Where?
  5. do you see many elk in 22n?
  6. I see elk every day north and east of Payson.
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  7. My draw is in...may the force be with me...
  8. Do you put in for that unit? Since you might know it better then most.
  9. I have never been on an elk hunt but would love to do so. If anyone is interested in having a newbie tag along and help out in camp...I am your guy. My thought is, tell me the unit you have put in for, I will do the same. If I get a tag, great, if not....I will be happy to help you get your meat out and help around camp. If I get a tag, help me get one and I am happy to get you some of the meat (If I get one that is). Any takers?
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