Elk Hunt 2020

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  1. Awesome! Still working on bagging mine in 27.
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  2. Having 2 hunts in a year sure puts a lot of strain on scouting time. My brain is focused on deer. My hunt starts on Nov. 6. We pinned down a general area last weekend and are returning this weekend to walk some areas to get a better lay of the land. Unfortunately it take 3 plus hours to get there so not much of a quick trip over some pretty rough roads.

    But...elk is still in the back of my mind and am looking forward to the challenge of a late season bull hunt. Luckily I will have just enough time to make a quick scouting trip after deer and before elk season to check which area are holding elk.
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  3. Kelly, I drew deer and elk in unit 9 one year. At that time one ended (deer) on Thursday and elk (bull) started on Friday. I had the unit scouted well. Of course during the deer season I saw nothing but lotsa elk, including a 350+ bull and does. When elk started, nothing but cow elk and herded up does and bucks starting to rut. Good luck my friend. JM
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  4. At least you didn't have to move camp. My hunts will be quite different. Deer is in 41. Might be a hot one and for sure dry. Elk is in 22N and might be cold. Could be wet. Hoping we don't have to deal with a big snow storm like those that had the late hunt last year did. They will both be fun hunts. I'm excited for deer. Especially every time that I see this buck that was killed in one of the desert units.

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  5. That's a buck of my dreams! Wow!!! JM
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  6. That's a buck of my nightmares. Momma wont let me put a head on the wall.
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    We have been married for 55 years. 54 years ago I shot a really nice Kansas whitetail buck. I took my new wife's 8X10 photo that was on the bedroom wall down and replaced it with the buck's antlers. Now in all fairness, I put her photo on the night stand next to my side of the bed. Does not matter! I still hear about that 54 years later. Do not do that!!
  8. Got back last week from 3½ weeks of camping in the White Mtns. Filled my tag on my 1st ever turkey hunt but struck out on my 1st elk hunt. In 3 weeks I'll be in 36B trying to bring home a deer. It will be my 5th year of trying.
    Technical problems kept me from uploading pics last month so I'll try again now.
    Resized_20201007_185617(1).jpeg Resized_20201007_180313(2).jpeg Resized_20201007_180309(1).jpeg Screenshot_20201103-132111_Yahoo Mail.jpg
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  9. nice job Tony R
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