Elk Hunt 2020

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  1. Elk starting to bugle this morning, young bulls are sniffing cow butts. Raghorn bulls are trying to joust a bit, dont really know what to do or why. Funny to watch.

  3. Are you sure Jackson wasn’t pointing them?
  4. Just got a PM from hunt buddy hunting with me, he has secured the home for us again to stay at for our upcoming elk hunt. Perfect situation, room to park trucks, trailers with quads, covered patio to cook under, ( Dont want to make a mess of someones elses kitchen), a whole 10 mins from driveway to parking area in unit, close to Chinese and Mexican food restaurant we like to eat at, at night after days hunts, gas stations right around corner, just a perfect situation. Plus we get to use it the few days of scouting( same time as fish camp), Sorry- gonna miss camp.
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  5. J. Fowler99 and I went out to look for elk in 22s, really some places to install his cameras for his hunt, This was our mode of transportation for the morning. Found water, tracks, but the only live thing we saw were hikers where they should not have been. 000_0045.JPG
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  6. And Im new to riding, and I need practice!!!! Cant believe a couple places you got me into lol. especially that damn tree I got wrapped around!!! But my god thank you for the help!!! learned alot and love love the area!!!!
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    Took a quick trip Saturday. Got the boots warmed up and more miles on em. Found a bunch of bulls, 2 cows. They were quick to take off no photos. Was only able to snag one bad photo. Also found a cool shed, dead 5x5 assuming a lion kill and two sturdy built blinds on a dry tank. Ready for September to be here!

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  8. Nice find Joey, where or what unit?
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    Sounds like some productive scouting!
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