Elk Hunting Are A Bad Thing!

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  1. Elk Hunting Are A Bad Thing!

    I’ve hunted elk for 6 years now and was appalled at what bad behavior it brought out in even the most docile and inconspicuous people. Every year I heard stories of people stealing other people’s elk, cutting into others stalks, shooting at extreme long range. The list just went on and on. I guess I thought it couldn’t affect me. I guess I thought I was just too strong. I guess I thought I was just too good a guy. Then it happened! I saw the biggest elk of my long and glorious 6 year career and I wanted him! He was going to be mine! Mine I tell you! Mine!!
    I found him on public land. There are few good elk on public land in Colorado, especially in over the counter areas. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel. I scouted him during the summer and knew everything about him in short time. He liked a little rugged canyon with a waterhole no one else knew about. He was only ¾ mile from the county road which was convenient and no one else was scouting him.
    Then it happened. The rut kicked in. He started rubbing and destroying trees. Not just in his hid-e-hole but right along the edge of the county road!! I about went crazy when this happened. Everyone would know now! I had to come up with a plan. Fast!! I know, I’ll go everyday and cut down the trees he beats up and hide them. Yeah that’s what I’ll do! Insanity fueled by an active imagination is a sorry sight. Needless to say I was very busy cleaning up the mess this bull made and hiding the evidence. I cut so many trees I thought about needing a wood cutting permit.
    Then the 2nd rifle season came. The first day was a disaster. Record highs, 89 degrees if memory serves me, kept game movement to a minimum. I was smart though. I didn’t run into his hiding place with my knife between my teeth and try to chase him down and kill him, but by then I was nuts enough to try! I waited and glassed. The second morning he pushed his cows to water and when they came by me I heart shot him. He stumbled 75 yards let out a growly squeal and fell over. I was almost afraid to go over to him. I was a mess. ( I have a photo of me with the bull and I look like a plane crash survivor just after they walk of the wreckage). When the shakes subsided I went and looked at the magnificent 6 point. His body was huge! His main beams 53 and 53 ¼ inches long! Twelve inch circumferences! Old and short in the points though. A beautiful old bull. I started quartering him and took out the first load of meat. Nine hours later I was done.
    I couldn’t believe I’d actually done it. The madness was over. I could rest now. Get some sleep. That is until next year!


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  2. wow, I thought I go overboard sometimes.........uh, you may want to watch cutting trees on public land, at least we cant do it here.

  3. Please accept my humblest apology for my past indescretions. I'm in therapy now and expect a full recovery. I go weekly to Cabelas and see Dr. Moose noted hunter physcologist.

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  4. Thanks for posting a story! Very neat
  5. lmao!!!! :lol2: that was good though just be really carefull as we say in class
    "someone is always watching" we have the gamethief number in our cell's lol i know u said u hunted out of state just watch what u do. we have called and used it as we have to no matter who they are. nice bull though
  6. I've only been in Az for a few months and have already met the Fish and Game folks. They took my pig! I was running one morning (Well probably jogging at my age) and saw a road killed javelina. He had been freshly killed ( on his way back from Jack-in -the-Box on Main St. ) so I came back with my truck, got him and went to Fish and Game in Mesa. The officer in charge asked me if I had actually hit the pig to which I replied ,"no". He then happily informed me that because I didn't actually do the hitting I couldn't have a permit to keep him. He never even took my name which seemed funny. I think he was just hungry. I bet they had a pig roast that evening. In Colorado you could keep whatever you found less the antlers which they sell at auction each year.
  7. Here only the person driving the vehicle at the time the animal is hit can get a salvage tag.
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    Great story Mark, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Please feel free to post your other outdoors stories, as I'm sure you have many other haunts and hunts to share.
  9. great story mark , i cant belive you would pick up a nasty stinking javi. on purpose.lol