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  1. Well, in the G&F's infinite wisdom, bowhunters lost 1400 cow elk tags for next year.
    G&F has decided to increase our elk herds and instead of going by success rates for cow elk (rifle), they decided to go by 1st choice applicants (rifle) to sustain hunting opportunities.
    At least it shows they do not care about revenue, as they could have given alot more archery tags and had less success than rifle hunters.
    Ok, the politics are out of the way, so the regs will soon be available, then the waiting will begin for my unit 9 tag...... :D
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    Thanks for posting the info. I'm fairly convinced our current commission doesn't care one lick about archery hunters.

  3. Dan,
    I was on that track of thought this morning........
    In the last few years, archers have lost the following:
    1) doe hunt
    2) shortened December deer hunt
    3) shortened javelina hunt, although we recieved archery fall tags DURING the elk hunts.
    4) bull tags, which we only recieved a portion back.
    5) Now we have lost 1400 cow tags.

    I think it is a payback for us beating them last year to splitting the bull tags.......but, it's ok, I am already dreaming of my unit 9 tag!!
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    You will get that Unit 9 tag. I can't wait to see the pics of the bull you take when it happens.

    Would be nice to see/know at least one of our commissioners was an archer. Better yet, a hunter.

    Just curious, but what's your take on a waiting period (for elk) if drawn?
  5. You mean like it used to be? It was 3 years for elk and 5 for antelope. I think it would be great, but over the last few years G&F didnt want to hear about it.
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    I'd support a 2-year waiting period on elk.

    I'm certainly in the minority here, but I think there should be a "two-a-lifetime" limit on antelope. A "two harvest limit" for either firearms and bow. Once you've harvested 2 lopes by either means of take, you're all done. Ex: 1 rifle and 1 bow harvest, or, 2 harvests with either bow or gun.

    I know Marvin would slit my throat for this proposal. Maybe you would too? LOL.
  7. If they want to increase herds, they should give archery more tags, and less to gun! The success on archery is way lower. I guess I don't understand how they are not looking at revenue? There were less than 200 left over tags for archery 1 & 2 choice....almost exactly the same as rifle. They were all in very low hunter success units (0-4%). It is definately about the $. They have way more out of staters looking to rifle hunt than bow hunt. What they failed to mention is....are they putting those 1400 tags into the rifle pool? My guess is yes. They will then generate almost 300 more non-res tags for approx. $210,000 more in revenue (that's not including any other tags they sell to the non-res.....lion/bear,etc) along with 1120 more tags for higher percentage rifle hunts for $137,000 more there! That's quite a bit of extra revenue I would say.
    I don't know, I could be wrong. I just want to hunt and am getting frustated by what I see as unfairness to archery hunters.
  8. Unstinking believable. WOW. whats next? The list already started above was right on the money. And yea it is all about the money. This is getting bad. the G&F is going to make it impossible to hunt here in AZ for anyone except the folks with loads of money. How am I supposed to get my kids into hunting when I cant aford to get them tags. ARGGGGHH. and now with this. its all a big money grab. A big money grab. And they wont stop there. watch for raising prices again for the 08 hunts. anyone want to put money on it?? I have to fin d a new state to live in.
  9. well after the rifle hunters take out more animals(because its easier) and we have less animals then it will become a supply/demand situation and they will raise prices again.i really dont care if they give the lesser success tags away,but 1400 tags is too much.

    its obvious that they dont want to help/stick-up for bow hunters.10 yrs from now the only elk rut hunt will be non-res. bow at 1000.00 a shot.