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  1. Don't forget that Steven is looking for a State Sales Director. There is ad space available on all 3 sites. Compensation is a percentage of sales, and a big 4x4 diesel king cab pickup to drive around. (OK, there is no vehicle - I lied about that part ). :twisted:

    I'd love to do this but I can't sell food to starving people.. I suck at sales.

    Anyway, the person would obviously be sales-comfortable, familiar with the "pulse" of the outdoor industry in Arizona, and willing to travel some. Would be cool to make your own hours, meet the hunting and fishing people and industries in AZ, work from home, etc. You do have to refer to me as "Mr. MacFarlane" and suck up to me a lot. OK, that part isn't true either...

    If interested, or if you have questions, have a look: http://www.ushuntingtoday.com/employ.html
  2. Some day we would love to hand out trucks! :wink:

    Right now we have a guy in Maine who does this and we have a Northeast Regional guy who covers 6 states. The job would basically consist of contacting businesses and make them aware of our advertising packages. It is a long term position, understanding that the more active the online site becomes the more valuable the advertising will become. So making people aware of our magazine, working side by side with Marshall to find stories, articles, tips, reviews, and photos would help increase sales potential.

    Regional Directors would do less of the actual selling of advertising and would focus more on finding State Directors, finding shows in your states, getting them set-up, and basically organizing the whole thing.

    We are also looking for Assistant Editors, like Marshall here in AZ, for other states.

    If anybody is interested please contact Marshall or myself. Thanks :D

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  4. C'mon - I know there's some well-networked guys out there... :lol:
  5. I've agreed to help Steve and Tom market the southwest, but we still need a sales dude (or dudette) for Arizona. If you know someone who might fit the bill, send them our way. A good way, I think, to earn some hunting gadget-money as a sideline. If you know people who have businesses that may be interested in advertising with us, send em my way......

    We'll also need folks to sell ads, and do blogs in outher southwestern states. Steven can correct me, but they don't have to be hunting blogs. We can have fly-fishing blogs, trapping blogs, shooting blogs, outdoor recreation blogs.

    Nationally, they are also looking for bloggers, folks to create forums, etc. See Tom's post over here: http://mainehuntingtoday.com/bbb/?p=1504