Excellent Info for us Predator Hunters

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  1. Now you're talkin' Ram!
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  2. I had ordered some Coyote urine and the noisy lady next door that loves to sign for my packages won't do that again. When I came home she came out running and wanted me to get this package from her. Apparently the contents leaked and the smell was driving her crazy. She was mumbling something about her dog too.

  3. LOL!!!
  5. You will not fool a coyotes nose. It's not possible. Cover scents for coyotes are simply a money making gimic. I used to spray down and even used fox pee on my boots but that was more of superstition because of the guy that taught me. Now I smoke while walking to stand and use the smoke to judge the wind. That's my secret to success.
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  6. Its like Bears, A bear knows your in the area when they come within a few hundred yards, cant fool a bears nose either. Cover scents like Skunk, fox urine, Cow Poop are all money makers, Thats it. Im like Red, Ill smoke on the stand to judge wind, its the best windicator there is.
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  7. I’m glad bears can smell me 200 yards away...they can stay 200 yards away from me!
  8. i get that same magazine in email, there really is no 'good' info, as we already all know the 10 secret tips! it's basically coyote 101 for folks that don't know. i unsubscribed from them since they are really post basic articles that hold no interest to people who have been hunting for awhile. if you like it, read it and learn. on a side note:

    i had a boss that i could not stand! talk about a raging BI$*&! well i ordered this revenge stuff called 'Liquid Ass' (look it up!) well it came in a spray bottle for about $10 and i would go into her closed office and spray the dirt in her office plants and then hit a spot under her desk. i dissipates in about 2 hours, but talk about LMAO!!!! she called the cleaners, could not find out where it was coming from. after about a week or two of doing this i was bored, so i took it home. i had lost the plastic pump cover and accident hit the button inside the truck! man i almost puked! this stuff smell like the catfish stink bait 'Hog Wild' on steroids!!!! took a while to air that smell out!!!
  9. Thats Funny !!! Ya, I throw the mag your talking about in the trash. Dont even bother with it.
  10. A coyote can detect several odors at once. Put any kind of scent on ya. They're still going to detect your human scent.
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