EZ Ranch- Hog Hunting in Arizona

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  1. Has anyone done any feral hog hunting at the EZ Ranch around the Cordes Junction area, they are advertising a hunt for harvesting a feral pig under 300 lbs for $350.00 and $500.00 for any pig over 300 lbs plus a $100.00 guide fee per party.You hunt until you harvest a pig even if it takes 2-3 days, but the guide fee is daily. The pigs are supposed to be in a 1 mile by 1/2 mile fenced area that is supposed to be very rough with hills and draws in it.This sounds like something alot of hunters would be interested in if it is a legitimate hunt and the pigs are truly feral and not some barnyard pigs they have just let loose. I don't mind spending the money, it would end up costing alot more if I were to drive to Texas or California, if it is a true hunt and offers some challenge. Anyone with any hunting experience on this ranch could you please let me know how it was, either good or bad, as I do not want to waste my time and money on a "canned" hunt.
  2. the best information I can give is contact them and go visit the ranch and see for yourself if its something you want to spend money on!- I'm sure it is for real! though i dont know anyone personally that has taken them up on any of the hunts they offer ! Gary

  3. I just received an email the other day regarding this hunt. The guy had hunted them on the EZ Ranch and said it was a total canned hunt. Not much hunting involved according to him. I have no personal experience to back that up. That's just what I was told.
  4. 1 mile by 1/2 mile pen.... lol yea id say canned hunt for city slickers...
  5. Pretty small can, hey sorry about your loss up there in Dewey....i have some buddies in that area, must have hit everyone pretty hard.
  6. thanks man! a very unfortunate deal. no one is real impressed by the YCSO handling of the situation by not using all available resources because of fear of hindering "evidence".. seems they were expecting foul play and treated it as a criminal investigation from day 1. They should have treated it as a rescue mission until they had reason for suspicion but I think the syler newton investigation may have had some influence on it.. just Bad decisions with bad outcomes.
  7. I have hiked to the nearby hills many times and looked into the EZ Ranch, which is just a couple hundred yards away from where you can sit and glass the "feral" hogs, red stag, and buffalo. They all mingle happily amongst the feeders - I hunt the edges waiting for a hog to make its way through, under, or around the fence so I can kill it and roast it in my backyard.

    If anyone wants to check it out, I'll take you there. It's easy to get to, and right off the freeway by Cordes Junction. It's an easy hike, too, and fun to see the red stag and buffalo. The hogs? Meh, they just wander around and look like hogs.
  8. rizzo

    How often do you go out in this area? Me and my brother may be interested in hitting you up on this adventure.
  9. I go whenever I feel like going. If you wanna go, let me know and I'll take you out there. Weekdays are best for me if that's possible for you.
  10. hey rizzo, where are you located, im always lookin for someone to go kill yotes and whatnot on my days off which are usually weekdays.
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