Fall Bear?

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Desert Rat, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. OK - let's hear your suggestions - the standard caveats apply ;)
  2. Chief

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    Unit 1 or 27 we could make it a board event and all go.

  3. AZ~ThunderDan

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    I'm scared to death of bears... so, ya'all can just send or post some pics.

    I'm with Garth, go with 22 or 24B if you're wanting to keep it close to home.
  4. sounds like it would be fun dont know if i would hunt bear but would like to go and just camp lol
  5. Bump this.

    I would be in for a hunt. But again might I suggest the 5b area, munds canyon, or mingus area.
  6. rk

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    I think I have actually seen more bears, and bear sign, in the Chiricahuas (unit 29) than anywhere else (3 in one day!). But unit 27 is supposed to have the highest concentration in the state. Any number of other units would suffuce (31, 32, 33, 5BS, 22, 23, 24B, 4B, etc...).