Fat Bike Hunting

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  1. i bike ride into one the areas off the beeline, i used tubeless tires and fill up with a sealer, never had a problem.

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    So true, but I was a kid and it was something to ride!
  4. Several years before mine, friends in the neighborhood had machines similar to those reference below. They were really big tires.

  5. I remembered finally: Trail Breakers.
  6. I know guys that still Have Rokons, thing will go anywhere, and carry an elk at the same time, What a Beast !!!
  7. My friend showed to camp pulling a Rokon on a trailer. When Ed needed more fore wood he used that thing to drag a whole tree back to camp.
    No springs, no shocks, strong bike but tough ride. Made for farm work
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  8. Well hell..I misread the title and thought it said "Fat Boy Hunting" and thought there would be good tips on here for me :eek:
  9. 09D78DAF-35B1-45CC-B298-B8C620C4C4E0.jpeg tw200 is still my hunting rig. I am a Yamaha tech by trade, so that doesn’t hurt either
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