Fathers, Daughters and Hunting

Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by Chief, May 16, 2007.

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    Don't quite know how to start this, Slim recenlty told me his daughter has not applied for this years deer draw and in reality has not even bought her 07 license. I know this got to hurt. My daughter and I have always hunted together, then she went off to college, joined the Army, got married, had a kid (A good thing) went back to college and got a Maters, is now a Director at a hospital, her time is very limited, especially for dad, and dad understands. She was over just a few nights ago and I mentioned to her that I really miss us not hunting together anymore, with a tear in her eye, she said yes, she misses it also.

    Got an e-mail from her this morning - she wanted to know if I applied yet and if not could she apply with me. Brought a tear to this old soldiers eye.
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  2. Aww that is great chief bought a tear to my eye i never got to hunt with my dad as he lives back east and i dont get to see him but maybe once evey 4 years when he comes to vegas, as for my other halfs daughters none of then lked to hunt they were the girly girls lol so now that he has 3 grandkids :lol: maybe we can teach them to hunt who knows but put in together and have a great time even if you dont get a tag maybe you both should go camping anyway. :lol:

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    You're not alone Chief, I think most of us dad's that have daughters had a tear to share with you. My daughter is currently in her first semester of college and working her way through school with the financial support of both her parents. She's just now starting to show interest in hunting and recently asked if she could apply with me too.
  4. Go for it Chief!

    I had both girls out last Oct at elk camp. Was only 3 days but I sure enjoyed it. Probably was the last time for all 3 of us at once. I started taking my daughters in 99 when they were 10 & 12, just the 3 of us for how ever many days I could get off 2 to 3 times a year, elk, deer & javelina. I really enjoyed those times with my girls. Now the oldest is married and down in Douglas, it could be a while before we get to hunt together again. The youngest is still at home and I will be putting us both in for deer, we got skunked for elk tags. Won't be long tho and I will be hunting by myself. But all 3 of us have memories of some excellent times in the field, whether we made meat or not. On one hunt several years ago I suggest we bring Mom along because she liked the country we were going to, both girls said "No, this is our time together Dad. We get lots of time with Mom". Made me feel good.

    I do have one complaint tho - both of my girls have missed deer bigger than I have ever had a chance at, the little turds!
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    I hope it works out chief.

    My daughter is only 4 but she already shows alot of interest in hunting, she has been going camping since she was 6 months. I have been taking her quail hunting for two years and teaching her everything I can about hunting and the outdoors, hopefully she stays interested as she gets older. great subject, although teary.
  6. AH yes, Daughters.

    My oldest 3 children are girls, and the youngest is 200% male due to that. I have spent a little time in the field with all of them, of course the oldest having the most opportunity followed by #2, then #3 and the boy. My oldest has draw or bought 5 tags in her short hunting career. 2 javy tags a turkey tag, and 2 archery deer tags. She flabberghasted me by choosing a recurve to hunt with at the tender age of 10. With the obvious results of that decision being not a single shot at an animal. Which then led to frusteration on her part, add a little peer pressure to that, and she decided this year to forgo turkey hunting. I allowed her to make the decision. She broke my heart pretty good when she chose to give her tag away. It went to a good cause HOAL. but I have not heard whether they got it in time to actually use it. She had led me on for almost a year before coming out and telling me she had chosen not to hunt. I would have preferred her to just come out and say it when she made that decision. But alas. with any luck she might still go out with me. I had lots of good hunts with her in attendance. We were able to make several stalks on mulies and other critters. She hung in there like a pro even after one 8 mile day that included about 4000 feet of elevation changes.

    On the other side of the coin is #2 who you have all read about. Shes now looking forward to drawing her first deer tag. And the skys the limit after that.

    And #3 and the boy are anxiously awaiting their 10th B-days so they can also spend some quality time with dad with their own tags in hand. I just hope all of them keep it up long enough to be taking me out hunting way out in the future.

  7. Nothing better than time in the field with your kids.
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    That was a real touching story Chief. My daughter (our only child) started hunting at 13. She was lucky enough to take a javelina about an hour into the hunt on her very first big game hunt. After that pig was on the ground and tagged, she confided that her legs were jelly. Since then, she has been on a deer hunt (did not tag an animal) and a few more javelina hunts (she tagged her second one last fall). She has been applying (with dad's help, of course) for elk, antelope, and sheep, too. She is too old now, but every year I would ask her if she wanted to apply for a junior cow hunt, and she would say "No Dad, I want to hunt bulls", and finally this year she drew a Nov. bull tag in 5BS. It will be her first semester at college, so it is good that the hunt is Thanksgiving weekend. I'm a little bit afraid our days hunting together are numbered, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.
  9. My son (14) drew his first big game tag (cow elk) and is way jazzed to go. My little daughters are not old enough yet for BG, but my 7 year old has went with me quail hunting and loves it! My 2 year old is showing interest if only to have more "daddy time". She is a daddy's girl for sure. Can't wait to get em all on big game hunts with me. Gonna be a blast this fall with my archery elk tag and my sons rifle elk tag!
    Thanks for sharing chief. I hope all goes well!