Favorite Authors?

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by DutchmanAZ, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Thought it might be neat to hear everyones' favorite authors, so I'll throw out a few of mine in no real order of preference.

    Louis L'Amour
    Terry C Johnston
    Clive Cussler
    Jesse Stuart

    BTW - our turkey is out cooking at 309 degrees on my trusty old weber kettle grill. Using a little cherry wood along with the charcoal. We've got the rolls baked, the cranberries boiled down (don't care much for the canned cranberries), coconut cream & pumpkin pie baked, and getting started on the deviled eggs (threw a pretty good jalepeno into the mix as well!).
    Will be making homemade jalepeno bacon wrapped poppers (these peppers are small but HOT!) stuffed with a seasoned
    cream cheese mixture for an appetizer, along with some other stuff yet to make. Can't wait to eat, and probably take a good old nap.
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    Hey Ron, I am trying to grill our Turkey also. I am on a Gas Grill, But I am doing it in a pan for now. I have cooked Chicken, Cornish Game Hens, Dove , Quail. This is the Biggist Bird I have tried to cook. WE are Hoping it WORKS :lol: . I have cooked a Whole Chicken with no problems but this may be a nightmare.

  3. my favorite authors,

    Loius L'Amour
    Tom Clancy

    Thats about it I guess,

    Our turkey is in the oven. LOL.. Should be done here iin a few. I got kicked out of the kitchen, so am on here trying not to get into trouble. LOL

  4. Cochise

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    I'd would have to say Louis L'Amour. I have over forty of his books. I've got one and ahalf of those to read. Then I'm going to need some more.
  5. Clive cussler
    Tom Clancy
    Dean Koontz
  6. Chief

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    Elmer Keith - Frank Calkins - Aldo Leopold - Peter Chapstick - Robert Brister - Jack O'Connor - Gene Hill - Tom Clancy

    You guys are bold with your turkey - we just do ours the old fashion way, stuff it and throw it in the oven.
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    Favorite authors, hmmm, for the mass produced type, I think Stephen King would be. But for the one or two other books I've read, I would say John Steinbeck, Joseph wambaugh and Ernest Hemingway.

    Doug Gordon