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  1. okay guys lay the cards down, where and what did you put in for.i talked a friend into putting in with me for the archery javelina hunt in 22 1st choice.i have got skunked the last 2 times for ham hunts so exploring the archery hunt this time around.

    i was at the game and fish in mesa this am,boy it was busy.hopefully it was rifle hunters :lol:
  2. 37A - archery pigs

    Bowhuntinmaniac promised to take me huntin' :wink:

  3. Archery javy this part of the state. for me, JR javy for the oldest, Rifle javy for the #2 kiddo.. JR turkey for both the kids, and turkey for me.

    Oh and for those of you eyeballing MY turkey tag this year. Dont even think about it. I got my eye on it, and if anyone gets to close to it you might lose a trigger finger or something else along those lines. However if any of you want to hunt with ( not instead of) me and happen to draw the same tag ( as the one I will have in MY pocket) I have a nice camping set up, and am willing to share.

  4. Chief

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    Rifle javelina 35a first choice, HAM javelina 35a second choice.
  5. I totally blew it. I waited till the last minute and could not get to G&F. So my spring will be taking the boat to the trout lakes and killing fish.
  6. Jaybee

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    I put in for general javelina for units 24B, & 37B. First time I put in for a draw and hoping I get to at least go out.
  7. yeah i was skunked for a tag the last 2 yrs for the ham hunt.besides that i need another excuse to justify the spotting scope i have and only used on 1 hunt so far.
  8. Rifle javelina - 37B 1st choice, 33 second.
  9. TallPaul

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    Rifle Javelina - 37B 1st choise because,
    Desert Rat said he wasn't putting in for that Unit :roflpmp: and last year I couldn't find any in that Unit. I even had one of the best helping me and we didn't see any. So there is one out there with my name on it. :lol: