Final three days of dove

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  1. Resized_20210103_173832%281%29.jpg Rang in the new year with my boys. Three days of walking and talkin
    Each shot hit or miss is a memory and a smile. 240 days till we do it again

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  2. Looks as if you thinned the population a bit, Congrats.
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  3. Funny I was just thinking about dove after some quiet shooting in the desert with my kids last weekend. Went on a ride afterwards, no quail but saw a lonely dove. It would not take off. As we got close to it it kind of flopped around and jumped not too far. Didnt have a shotgun to finish it off :( before the coyotes get to it
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    It almost sounds like a mother with young ones in a nest nearby, I have seen them act injured to draw attention away from the nest. But it seems too early in the year for that.