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Didn't see any one post about this. Just a reminder for those who camping this summer.

Fire restrictions extended

News Media
Jun 8, 2007

Arizona Game and Fish expands fire restrictions to more wildlife areas
The Arizona Game and Fish Department is expanding fire restrictions to cover 23 of its wildlife areas starting June 8.
No open fires are allowed at any of the listed wildlife areas. This includes campfires, barbecue grills using charcoal or wood, or any other use of open fires. No smoking is allowed anywhere, except within a vehicle. Please use your ashtray.
Propane cook stoves, heating devices and lanterns are allowed for use in designated camping areas only.
The following wildlife areas are affected:
* Allen Severson Memorial Wildlife Area
* Alamo Wildlife Area
* Arlington Wildlife Area
* Base and Meridian Wildlife Area
* Becker Lake Wildlife Area
* Chevelon Canyon Ranches Wildlife Area
* Chevelon Creek Wildlife Area
* Colorado River Natural Center Wildlife Area
* House Rock Wildlife Area
* Jacques Marsh Wildlife Area
* Lamar Haines Wildlife Area
* Mittry Lake Wildlife Area
* Powers Butte Wildlife Area
* Quigley Wildlife Area
* Raymond Ranch Wildlife Area
* Robbins Butte Wildlife Area
* Roosevelt Lake Wildlife Area
* Sunflower Flat Wildlife Area
* Springerville Marsh Wildlife Area
* Three Bar Wildlife Area
* Upper Verde Wildlife Area
* Wenima Wildlife Area
* White Mountain Grasslands Wildlife Area


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I'm headed for the Apache-Sitgraves NF near Hannigan Meadows on June 25th-Hope it stays open till then!
Camping without a fire just isn't the same.:wink:
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